About the report – Radioligand therapy: realising the potential of targeted cancer care

This project has been led by The Health Policy Partnership, an independent research organisation, with input from a multi‑stakeholder steering committee. Its aim is to create greater awareness of radioligand therapy as an innovative component of cancer care. The steering committee had full editorial control over content of all materials, which reflect consensus among the group. All members provided their time for free. The outputs of this project are intended for educational purposes only and do not relate to any particular product.

This project was supported with funding from Advanced Accelerator Applications, a Novartis company, with additional support from Curium.



On 22 January 2020, The Health Policy Partnership and an expert-led steering committee launched Radioligand therapy: realising the potential of targeted cancer care at the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was opened by co-hosts Tanja Fajon MEP (S&D, Slovenia) and Ewa Kopacz MEP (EPP, Poland), along with Brando Benifei MEP (S&D, Italy). It featured expert-led discussions by notable figures in nuclear medicine, oncology and European health policy focusing on the growing importance of radioligand therapy as a component of cancer care. This was the first European-level policy meeting on radioligand therapy.

Radioligand therapy a year in review

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